The Best European Artist of the year represents the best solo, duo or group in Europe. We consider the limits of Europe in the geographical sense, and so, that includes non EEC countries.

You may vote only for the artists of the list. This is the official list of nominees and you can vote until november 15th, 2009. produces the 1st French Highway Awards, a combination of music & fashion, and has decided to create an interactive platform with the voters. So, it is very important for us that you are informed about a major point:

We wish to give you the occasion to post a comment about a nominated european artist.

Best European Artist 2009

(order has no relations with votes)

Texas Renegade (NL)
Country Cooking (Belgium)
Dixie Aces (NL)
Katie Rhodes (UK)
Rachael Warwick (UK) (Country Rendez-Vous Festival)
Paul Mac Bonvin (Switzerland)
Texas Lightning (Germany)
Monogram (Czechoslovakia)
Toy Heart (UK)
Honky Tonk Farmers (Switzerland)