Day 3


I was not familiar with his career but Andrew Combs is the perfect act for a melodic mood and relaxing moment. So, a true good choice to start the evening.

Justin Davis and Sarah Zimmerman come from Nashville under the name of Striking Matches and did the break on the Satellite Stage. Well know for "Hangin' on a lie", they are produced by the legendary T-Bone Burnett and played "Trouble is", "Crossroads" and "Make me a liar".


He is absolutely not a newcomer regarding the fact he has not many records in the bacs. Chris Stapleton wrote songs for others for so many years that time has come! His wife Megan is in the band, playing guitar and drums. The show started with "Nobody to blame" the single from his album "Traveller", and the first note of Chris's unique vocal plunges the crowd in a bluesy cloud. The album "Traveller" is country and mostly blues oriented. The indoor venue provides a perfect sound and listening to Chris Stapleton singing "Whiskey & you" solo acoustically with his guitar was a magical moment. The silence in the indoor venue seemed unreal! Again, some tears appeared on the faces, and it's true that everyone has his own way to feel the music. An amusing instant was when Chris asked the crow to stop crying because he will also cry. Later, Chris and Megan sings "You are my sunshine" in duet. Chris offers the beautiful country soul "If I hadn't been for love" he did with his ex-band The SteelDrivers, and "Tennessee Whiskey" to end the show, and the the public did ask for more, but slots are respected at the O2 London, mostly if there are other acts still to come.

Frankie Ballard is a multi-talented artist and that's his time for the break on the Satellite Stage. He performed "Sunshine & Whiskey" and also an Elvis cover. Frankie is certainly of the most interesting new comer in Nashville and his profile proves he has many cards to play.


Again, fashion is at the top with Kacey and her full band, and that's a pleasure for the eyes. She is used to talk to the public, and everyone appreciates her sens of communion. "Pageant material" then "Silver lining" and "Family is family" followed by "Crazy" from Gnarles Barkley but in a country mood. Kacey wask asked by Disney to choose a song for a compilation and she sang "A spoonful of sugar" from Mary Poppins. That was a very funny moment, the public laughing and singing. "Follow your arrow" and "These boots are made for walking" to close her performance.


Visual effects on screens were awesome with stage backdrop of sold out shows for top headliner Eric Church. After singing "Cold one" and "Creepin'", he explained he had caught a cold and suffered a little of that. The occasion to ask the fans to sing along to help, but believe me, his performance was a high energy concert between country and rock. During "Hometown", Eric struggled and the public almost replaced him on vocals. On "Boots" the tradition wants that many people take their boots off and held them high in the air. Eric tried to reach out one, and that became a game and all enjoyed that kind of joke. Eric took time to speak several times, and the last one, he related a story with his son during a day of fishing. His son threw the fishing rod and the tackle box in the water. "3 years old" to conclude the show and a bluesy oriented day 3.

C2C 2017 is scheduled for march 10, 11 & 12!!!