Day 2


The two young women have established herself as a leading duet in the new generation of Nashville artists with only one EP called "Start here" and this title looks like a date of birth. They have all the qualities to win! Great harmonies, pure energy, strong performers and provide a combination of modern country and traditional flavor. They played "Fly", "Shut up and fish" and the Mexican inspired "Sierra". Maddie & Tae are so natural to talk to the crowd, and their talent is so impressed. At C2C, they even covered a country classic "You ain't woman enough" from Loretta Lynn.

First act today on the Yamaha Music Stege is High Valley, two brothers from Canada. Their music sounds folk and bluegrass with great harmony vocals.


Many fans of country music have been astonished by the arrival of Sam Hunt on the country music scene because he has a look who attracts the teens and young listeners and his music uses their codes and rhythms. Sam Hunt does not come from nowhere. Major American country acts have put his songs to the top of the country charts, and I may mention Keith Urban and Billy Currington. Along his show, he explained the process to write "Cop car" sang by Keith, then also did "We are tonight" a hit by Billy. Sam Hunt has an ability for songwriting and a talent to sing, and if fans of traditional country think they have no link with him, I think that the part of the aged public who comes from pop rock may enjoy Sam Hunt music. He plays acoustic guitar and yes, his sentence uses sometimes the hip codes. He also played "Leave the night on", "Your ectasy" and "Up all night" from his catalog, and ended up the show with "Break up in a small town". Sam Hunt has his very own sound and rhythm of drums.

Maren Morris now during the break with "80's Mercedes" and "My church". She is a very young artist from Texas and offer a rare quality of vocal. Country and gospel are part of her mood.


The amazing Little Big Town returned to C2C and they are awesome with so perfect harmonies. The band deserves to be the headliner and began with "Jolene" in an a Capella version. I have to note that Karen and Kimberly are very fashioned and both wears complementary colors in gold sparkly and silver for Karen and black for Kimberly. "Little white church", then "Pontoon", "Girl crush" and all the crowd living the moment with the band, singing and dancing. One of the highlights is the cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The chain" which is a pure diamond for fans of classic rock, and we know that so many country fans enjoy Mick Fleetwood's band, the Eagles and all this kind of stuff.


Country super star Carrie Underwood also performed for the second time at C2C, and my opinion is that her show and setlist was better than her first show in 2013. She has a mastery in her singing, not easy to reach because of her vocal power, and the choice of the songs was better. "Renegade runaway", then unchained "Last name" and "Something bad", and called Sam Hunt to sing "Heartbeat" in duet. "Dirty laundry" backed up by visuals of Carrie holding cards of the lyrics, and no doubt that another surprising moment was Carrie playing harmonica. Later in the show, she took time to explain the meaning of Storyteller and song writing, and to say that Dolly Parton is the storyteller she admires the most. Saying that tribute, Carrie Underwood offered a passionate and intimate "I will always love you". After many applause, she finished her show with "Smoke break" and "Something in the water".